Nur Aishah Sulaiman

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The main purpose to plan the flight planning for Unmmaned Aerial Imagery Capturing System (UAiCs) is to find out the best flight path and camera exposure station. Besides that, flight planning can help in reducing operational cost and obtain the optimum result. Flight planning is the most important step in Photogrammetry and need to be planned properly(More)
Flood is common natural disaster that occurs during heavy rainfall. It has cause devastating impact towards lives, infrastructures, properties and environment landscape. In recent flooding event in Malaysia on December 2014, it is reported that about 200 000 people are affected, which double up the number of people affected during flooding event on December(More)
Image based modeling and documentation are become important elements in historical or heritage representation. As an alternative method, The Digital Close-Range Photogrammetry approach offers a manual and semi automatic measurement process to provide the digital base drawing for creating the three dimensional (3D) model. In addition, differential rectified(More)
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) has been widely used in many fields such as flight simulation, surface analysis, engineering works and flood risk assessment. In these recent years, it can be seen that the use of DEM in flood risk assessment and modeling is increasing. This paper describes a study made on the extraction of DEM using Remote Sensing and(More)
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