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The increasing amount of Linked Data and its inherent distributed nature have attracted significant attention throughout the research community and amongst practitioners to search data, in the past years. Inspired by research results from traditional distributed databases, different approaches for managing federation over SPARQL Endpoints have been(More)
With the growing number of publicly available SPARQL endpoints, federated queries become more and more attractive and feasible. Compared to queries against a single endpoint, queries that range over a number of endpoints pose new challenges, ranging from the type and number of datasets involved to the data distribution across the datasets. Existing research(More)
Most of the existing benchmark systems for federated SPARQL query systems rely on a set of predefined static queries over a particular set of data sources. Such benchmark are useful for comparing general purpose SPARQL query federation systems such as FedX, SPLENDID etc. However, special purpose federation systems such as TopFed, SAFE etc. cannot be tested(More)
The City hall of Surabaya has a website that allows Surabaya citizen to write a proposal of Surabaya development. This websites also give information to the citizen about response of government toward the proposals which are uploaded by citizen. However, the status of the proposals cannot be monitored by citizen using the website. Therefore, a web(More)
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