Nur Adibah Binti Mohd Amin

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Neurons in the song system nuclei of songbirds exhibit a strong preference for the sound of the bird’s own song relative to that of conspecific songs. This selectivity is observed in the high vocal center and the nucleus interface of the nidopallium, two song nuclei that receive input from the bird’s auditory system. To investigate the role of the auditory(More)
Among the environmental stress factors the most widely limiting for crop production on a global basis is water. Water stress has been found to decrease productivity of most plant particularly soybean. The aims of the study are isolation and propagation of nodule bacteria from root of mungbean by using YEMA media, characterization of nodule bacteria by using(More)
The SnIV atom in the title diorganotin compound, [Sn(C7H6F)2Cl2(C2H6OS)2], is located on a centre of inversion, resulting in the C2Cl2O2 donor set having an all-trans disposition of like atoms. The coordination geometry approximates an octa-hedron. The crystal features C-H⋯F, C-H⋯Cl and C-H⋯π inter-actions, giving rise to a three-dimensional network. The(More)
A survey considering the occurence of arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) fungi in sugarcane plantation field in South Sulawesi were conducted with the aim to exploit the site spesific genetic resources in relation to plant growth promotion. Eleven soil samples were collected from sugarcane rhizosphere in three districts of South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. Six(More)
Trichoderma sp. is one of the endophytic fungi, which is produce toxic culturefiltrate against plant pathogen e.g plant parasitic nematode. Experiments were conducted to in vitro bioassays of the antagonistic effects of culturefiltrate produced by endophytic fungi Trichoderma sp. in different medium on mobility and mortality of Meloidogyne-J2. Three(More)
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