Nur A. Zincir-Heywood

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This work is a report on efforts to improve the usability of intrusion detection systems. Specifically, we first conducted a worldwide survey of system administrators from different countries and economic sectors to understand the state of practice in security management with a particular focus on intrusion detection systems (IDS). Then, based on these(More)
The problem introduced by the unsolicited bulk emails, also known as "spam" generates a need for reliable anti-spam filters. In this paper, we design and compare the performance of a newly designed SOM based sequence analysis (SBSA) system for the spam filtering task. The system is based on a SOM based sequential data representation combined with a kNN(More)
Automatic Web site summarization is an effective means of making the content of a web site easily accessible to Web users. We demonstrate that a content-based approach to summarization, which is based on keyword and key sentence extraction from narrative text, is able to generate summaries that are as informative as human authored summaries. This work is(More)
Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks are evolving continuously. These attacks make network resources unavailable for legitimate users which results in massive loss of data, resources and money. Combination of Intrusion detection System and Firewall is used by Business Organizations to detect and prevent Organizations' network from(More)
Automatic Web site summarization, which is based on keyword and key sentence extraction from narrative text, is an effective means of making the content of a Web site easily accessible to Web users. This work is directed towards summary generation based on multi-word terms extracted by the C-value/NC-value method. Keyterm-based summaries are compared with(More)
Abdelmajid Khelil Admir Barolli Agustinus Borgy Waluyo Ahmad Afsahi Akimitsu Kanzaki Akio Koyama Alagan Anpalagan Albert Zomaya Alejandro Linares Barranco Alex Galis Alex Thomo Alexandros Kaloxylos Arnon Rungsawang Ana Balevic Anna Sikora Anselmo Paiva Antonio Fernando Gomez Skarmeta Antonio Gentile Arkaitz Zubiaga Beniamino Di Martino Bessam Abdulrazak(More)
In this work, a recurrent linear GP model is designed by introducing the concept of internal state to the standard linear Genetic Programming (GP), so that it has the capacity of working on temporal sequence data. We benchmarked this model over four standard prediction and control problems, which include generic even parity problem, sun spot series(More)
This paper represents the results of a survey with the present state, likelihood and modifications necessary to advice electronic commerce in Turkey – a developing country. To do so, comparisons are made with other developing nations – Egypt, Brazil, Malaysia and Ghana – and factors identified, which are judged to contribute most significantly to success(More)