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Multilevel inverters have been attracting in favor of academia as well as industry in the recent decade for high-power and medium-voltage energy control. In addition, they can synthesize switched waveforms with lower levels of harmonic distortion than an equivalently rated two-level converter. The multilevel concept is used to decrease the harmonic(More)
Social networks and microblogging systems play a fundamental role in the diffusion of information. The information, from different sources, reaches each user through multiple connections, the study of which is indispensable for the sake of understanding the dynamics of its evolution and expansion. In this paper, we propose a system which enables to delve in(More)
This paper presents a literature survey on the stand alone power generation using three phase asynchronous generator. Induction generators are increasingly being used in non-conventional energy systems such as wind, micro/mini hydro, etc. The advantages of using an induction generator instead of a synchronous generator are well known. Some of them are(More)
K-Nearest-Neighbor (KNN) graphs have emerged as a fundamental building block of many on-line services providing recommendation, similarity search and classification. Constructing a KNN graph rapidly and accurately is, however, a computationally intensive task. As data volumes keep growing, speed and the ability to scale out are becoming critical factors(More)
FHL2, a member of the four and one half LIM domain protein family, is a critical transcriptional modulator. Here, we identify FHL2 as a critical regulator of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) that is essential for maintaining HSC self-renewal under regenerative stress. We find that Fhl2 loss has limited effects on hematopoiesis under homeostatic conditions.(More)
— Digital Filter is an important part of digital signal processing (DSP) system and it usually comes in two categories: finite impulse response (FIR) and infinite impulse response (IIR). FIR filter is an attractive choice because of the ease in design and stability. By designing the filter taps to be symmetrical about the centre tap position, a FIR filter(More)
In the field of analog VLSI design current mode devices have significantly gained importance. Current mode devices such as current conveyors have established their identity as the most demanding devices in the signal processing area due to their high bandwidth , greater linearity , larger dynamic range ,low power consumption , simple circuitry and occupy(More)