Nunzio Torrisi

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The master/slave time division duplex approach implemented in the Bluetooth MAC sublayer simplifies management of the physical communication channel, but suffers from some limitations which prevent efficient bandwidth exploitation and may affect the overall throughput and message delays. These limitation have up to now prevented Bluetooth being extensively(More)
Traceability in food chains will be mandatory in the near future for the most companies interested in food processing. Every food chain is made up of a variable number of companies. To realize a full traceability system we propose a distributed collaborative information system where every company exchanges traceability data with the others over a network.(More)
Industrial communications have been evolving and, nowadays, in view of the demands for horizontal and vertical integration, the number of applications consuming safety data over IP networks have also been increasing. In light of this scenario, instead of using a safety fieldbus protocol over IP, this paper proposed the use of some principles from IEC 61784(More)
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