Nunsawath Ravi Nayak

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Air proved to be a superior gaseous medium to pure oxygen used for oxygen uptake study in the Warburg apparatus Recording of volume change (vessel sensitivity method) was the only correct method of recording the oxygen uptake. It is concluded that the volume change method should be followed for recording oxygen uptake by Warburg apparatus and pure oxygen(More)
A compact wideband Triangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna (TDRA) is analyzed and simulated. Perforations improve bandwidth by letting down the quality factor. The perforations are array of symmetrical circular-shaped slots drilled uniformly on the TDRA. On proposed the optimal size of slots and distance between two consecutive slots, the fundamental modes(More)
Taking oxygen and air as gaseous media oxygen uptake study was carried out recording delta V and corresponding delta P. From these data the quantity of oxygen consumed was calculated. It was concluded that delta V x vessel sensitivity x 2 = delta P x vessel constant. Recording of volume change in oxygen uptake study has been advocated.
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