Nuno Oliveira

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Many domain-specific languages, that try to bring feasible alternatives for existing solutions while simplifying programming work, have come up in recent years. Although, these little languages seem to be easy to use, there is an open issue whether they bring advantages in comparison to the application libraries, which are the most commonly used(More)
The focus of this paper is on crafting a new visual language for attribute grammars (AGs), and on the development of the associated programming environment. We present a solution for rapid development of VisualLISA editor using DEViL. DEViL uses traditional attribute grammars , to specify the language's syntax and semantics, extended by visual(More)
IIS*Case is a model driven software tool that provides information system modeling and prototype generation. It comprises visual and repository based tools for creating various platform independent model (PIM) specifications that are latter transformed into the other, platform specific specifications, and finally to executable programs. Apart from having(More)
In this study, we explored data from StockTwits, a microblog-ging platform exclusively dedicated to the stock market. We produced several indicators and analyzed their value when predicting three market variables: returns, volatility and trading volume. For six major stocks, we measured posting volume and sentiment indicators. We advance on the previous(More)
Program domain concepts are rather complex and low level for a fast assimilation. On the other hand, problem domain concepts are closer to human's mind, hence they are easier to perceive. Based on Brook's theory, a full comprehension of a program is only achieved if both domains are connected and visualized in synchronization, resulting on an action-effect(More)
—In the context of program understanding, a challenge research topic 1 is to learn how techniques and tools for the comprehension of General-Purpose Languages (GPLs) can be used or adjusted to the understanding of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs). Being DSLs tailored for the description of problems within a specific domain, it becomes easier to improve(More)
—Application libraries are the most commonly used implementation approach to solve problems in general-purpose languages. Their competitors are domain-specific languages, which can provide notation close to the problem domain. We carried out an empirical study on comparing domain-specific languages and application libraries regarding program understanding.(More)
The analysis of microblogging data related with stock markets can reveal relevant new signals of investor sentiment and attention. It may also provide sentiment and attention indicators in a more rapid and cost-effective manner than other sources. In this study, we created several indicators using Twitter data and investigated their value when modeling(More)