Nuno Nogueira

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The behavior of poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (PHEMA) polymer monolayer spread on water was studied under various experimental conditions. The influence of subphase pH and temperature, compression speed, elapsed time from the deposit of the monolayer and the recording of the surface pressure-area (π-A) isotherms, as well as the number of polymer(More)
Irrigation channels are large, spatially distributed structures in which wave propagation phenomena occur. Due to this, when control design is based on lumped parameter approximation models, the interaction among different sections has to be taken into account. On the other way, multivariable control demands the centralization of the information provided by(More)
Dielectrophoresis is a method that has demonstrated great potential in cell discrimination and isolation. In this study, the dielectrophoretic sorting of normal and Babesia bovis infected erythrocytes was performed using a microfabricated flow cytometer. Separation was possible through exploitation of the dielectric differences between normal and infected(More)
We derive the optimal investment timing and real option value for a renewable energy facility with price and quantity uncertainty, where there might be a government subsidy proportional to the quantity of production. We also consider the possibility that the subsidy is retracted sometime subsequent to the investment. The easiest case is where the subsidy is(More)
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