Nuno Moniz

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Time series forecasting is a challenging task, where the non-stationary characteristics of the data portrays a hard setting for predictive tasks. A common issue is the imbalanced distribution of the target variable, where some intervals are very important to the user but severely underrepresented. Standard regression tools focus on the average behaviour of(More)
The Portuguese governmental network comprising all the 776 ministers and junior ministers who were part of the 19 governments between the year 1976 and 2013 is presented and analyzed. The data contain information on connections concerning business and other types of organizations and, to our knowledge, there is no such extensive research in previous(More)
The process of decision making in humans involves a combination of the genuine information held by the individual, and the external influence from their social network connections. This helps individuals to make decisions or adopt behaviors, opinions or products. In this work, we seek to investigate under which conditions and with what cost we can form(More)
Thousands of news are published everyday reporting worldwide events. Most of these news obtain a low level of popularity and only a small set of events become highly popular in social media platforms. Predicting rare cases of highly popular news is not a trivial task due to shortcomings of standard learning approaches and evaluation metrics. So far, the(More)
Social media is rapidly becoming the main source of news consumption for users, raising significant challenges to news aggregation and recommendation tasks. One of these challenges concerns the recommendation of very recent news. To tackle this problem, approaches to the prediction of news popularity have been proposed. In this paper, we study the task of(More)
Ranking evaluation metrics are a fundamental element of design and improvement efforts in information retrieval. We observe that most popular metrics disregard information portrayed in the scores used to derive rankings, when available. This may pose a numerical scaling problem, causing an underor over-estimation of the evaluation depending on the degree of(More)
The question of how to recommend and manage information available in the Internet is an active area of research, namely concerning news recommendations. The methods used to produce news rankings by the most popular recommender systems are not public and it is unclear if they reflect the real importance assigned by the readers. Also, the latency period(More)