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An important pool of chelatable zinc is present in the synaptic vesicles of mossy fiber terminals from hippocampal CA3 area, being zinc released following single or repetitive electrical stimulation. Previous studies have suggested different synaptic roles for released mossy fiber zinc, including the inhibition of presynaptic calcium and of postsynaptic(More)
The main focus of this paper was to review the available literature on match analysis in adult male football. The most common research topics were identified, their methodologies described and the evolutionary tendencies of this research area systematised. A systematic review of Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Web of Knowledge database was(More)
This paper proposes and evaluates a fully automatic summarization application for generic audiovisual based on MPEG-7 compliant hierarchical summary descriptions, which allows providing flexibility, low complexity, and interoperability. The novelty of this paper regards the exploitation of a three features, low-level arousal model to generate the summary(More)
All over the world there are millions of people who are living with long-term motor impairments caused by a stroke or any other kind of corticospinal tract injuries. The physical rehabilitation of these patients is usually slow and demotivating. In this paper we introduce Kinteract, a novel solution that applies the paradigm of using motion-based games in(More)
Declarative techniques such as Constraint Programming are very useful in modeling complex requirements. They have the added benefit of being executable specifications and, when properly tuned, high-performance ones. In this paper we argue that Information Systems ought to include constraint-based techniques in their design and implementation. We support(More)
According to statistics, one in every three adults ageing 65 or older falls every year. Every fall may lead to long-term consequences due to fractures or even neurological damages. These consequences have severe impact in their quality of life, independence and confidence, ultimately increasing the risk of early death. Moreover, the risk of falling(More)
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