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The Message Passing Interface (MPI) is the de facto standard message-passing infrastructure for developing parallel applications. Two decades after the first version of the library specification, MPI-based applications are nowadays routinely deployed on super and cluster computers. These applications, written in C or Fortran, exhibit intricate message(More)
Josep Sardanyés, 2, ∗ Carla Rodrigues, Cristina Januário, Nuno Martins, Gabriel Gil-Gómez, and Jorge Duarte 5 Complex Systems Lab, Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona, Dr. Aiguader, 88. 08003 Barcelona, Spain Institut de Biologia Evolutiva, Pg. Maritim de la Barceloneta 37, 08003 Barcelona, Spain. ESTS Technology Superior School of Setubal, Department of(More)
Consider the one-parameter family of real quadratic maps fμ : [0, 1] → [0, 1] defined by fμ(x) = μx(1−x), with μ ∈ [0, 4]. Using Milnor-Thurston’s kneading theory [14], J. Guckenheimer [5] has classified up to topological conjugacy, a certain class of maps which includes the quadratic family. The idea of kneading theory is to encode information about the(More)
The study of ecological systems has generated deep interest in exploring the complexity of chaotic food chains. The role of chaos in ecosystems is not entirely understood. One approach to have a better comprehension of ecological chaos is by analyzing it in mathematical models of basic food chains. In this article it is considered a classical chaotic food(More)
Wood has been used in alcoholic beverages for centuries, mainly as material for containers used for alcoholic beverages aging. Recently OIV (Organisation International de la Vigne et du Vin) approved the use of chips (Resolution oeno 3/2005) and staves as alternatives for barrels. These practices are being rapidly spread among winemakers. The increased used(More)
Coevolution between two antagonistic species has been widely studied theoretically for both ecologically- and genetically-driven Red Queen dynamics. A typical outcome of these systems is an oscillatory behavior causing an endless series of one species adaptation and others counter-adaptation. More recently, a mathematical model combining a three-species(More)
The development of applications and solutions to support collaborative environments targeted to real businesses means that often there is a choice to be performed: Either the business is forced to comply with the specifications and technologies defined in the collaborative environment or otherwise it is the development of solutions that must be specific and(More)
Recent developments have suggested alternative multiperspective camera models potentially advantageous for the analysis of the scene structure. Two-slit cameras are one such case. These cameras collect all rays passing through two lines. The projection model for these cameras is non-linear, and in this model every 3D point is projected by a line that passes(More)