Nuno Magalhães Ribeiro

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The HCI community is actively seeking novel methodologies to gain insight into the user’s experience during interaction with both the application and the content. We propose an emotional recognition engine capable of automatically recognizing a set of human emotional states using psychophysiological measures of the autonomous nervous system, including(More)
Emotional information is being used in several systems as a way to understand users while interacting with computers or as a way to explore content classification. Movies are a medium emotionally empowered and technological developments and trends for media convergence are turning video into a dominant and pervasive medium, and online video is becoming a(More)
This paper presents an application for automatic face detection on video streams from surveillance cameras in public or commercial places. In many situations it is useful to detect where to are people looking for, e.g. in exhibits, commercial mals, and public places in buildings. Our application is designed to work with surveillance cameras that are already(More)
Video growth over the Internet changed the way users search, browse and view video content. Watching movies over the Internet is increasing and becoming a pastime. The possibility of streaming Internet content to TV, advances in video compression techniques and video streaming have turned this recent modality of watching movies easy and doable. Web portals(More)
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