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Single, square voltage pulses in the microsecond timescale result in selective 5'-end covalent bonding (immobilization) of thiolated single-stranded (ss) DNA probes to a modified silicon dioxide flat surface and in specific hybridization of ssDNA targets to the immobilized probe. Immobilization and hybridization rates using microsecond voltage pulses at or(More)
Introduction: Due to the increasing prevalence of obesity metabolic syndrome is considered the most important public health threat of the 21th century. Recently it was observed that this syndrome is associated with erectile dysfunction which affects up to 100 million men worldwide and is an important cause of decreased quality of life. Purpose: The purpose(More)
Erectile dysfunction is experienced by 50% of men with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and uremia. The origin of this dysfunction is multifactorial. The aim of this study was to compare living donor versus cadaveric donor transplant recipients regarding male sexual function. Seventy-seven sexually active male kidney transplant recipients (44 from living(More)
Schwannoma or neurilemmoma designate a tumour that originates in the Schwann cells of peripheral nerves, therefore occurring anywhere in the body. They are very rare in the penis. In the literature are reported twenty seven cases of penile schwannoma. We report a case of multiple schwannoma of the penis and make a brief literature revision about this rare(More)
Purpose. Bladder cancer is a frequent cause of haematuria in elderly patients, and bladder ultrasound (US) is a valuable tool in diagnosing these malignancies. We examined the accuracy of 3D bladder US in diagnosing bladder tumors in patients with haematuria. Patients and Methods. Twenty-one patients observed in the emergency department for haematuria(More)
Testicular cancer (TC) is among the most common malignancies in the young male. Awareness plays an important role, because delay in diagnosis affects outcome. Testicular self-examination (TSE) is controversial, but recent evidence shows some cost benefits in performing this exam versus a late-stage diagnosis. The aims of this study are to determine and(More)
Single square voltage pulses applied to buried electrodes result in dramatic rate increases for (1) selective covalent bonding (immobilization) of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) probes to a functionalized thin film SiO(2) surface on a plastic substrate and (2) hybridization of ssDNA to the immobilized probe. DNA immobilization and hybridization times are 100(More)
INTRODUCTION Cavernous nerve injury (CNI) in rats and radical prostatectomy (RP) in men result in loss of nitrergic function and increased adrenergic-neurogenic contractions of cavernosal tissue. AIM To evaluate the modulation of the α-adrenergic system as a strategy to relieve erectile dysfunction (ED) and functional cavernosal alterations induced by(More)
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