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Web services represent a powerful interface for back-end database systems and are increasingly being used in business critical applications. However , field studies show that a large number of web services are deployed with security flaws (e.g., having SQL Injection vulnerabilities). Although several techniques for the identification of security(More)
Testing web services for robustness is a difficult task. In fact, existing development support tools do not provide any practical mean to assess web services robustness in the presence of erroneous inputs. Previous works proposed that web services robustness testing should be based on a set of robustness tests (i.e., invalid web services call parameters)(More)
Many businesses are now moving towards the use of composite web services. These consist of a collection of web services working together to achieve an objective. Although they are becoming business-critical elements, current development tools do not provide a practical way to include fault tolerance characteristics in web services compositions. This paper(More)
The use of Java Message Service (JMS) for enterprise applications communication and integration is increasing very quickly. However, although JMS is frequently used in business-critical environments, applications are typically developed with the assumption that the middleware being used is robust, which is not always the case. Robustness failures in such(More)