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Movies are one of the biggest sources of entertainment, in individual and social contexts, and increasingly accessible as enormous collections of videos and movies over the Internet, in social media and interactive TV. These richer environments demand for new and more powerful ways to search, browse and view videos and movies, that may benefit from video(More)
This paper presents a process simulation model representative for design development of a building system in an unpredictable environment. Unpredictability means that design criteria are prone to change as design development unfolds. The model was implemented with a discrete-event simulation engine based on event graphs. Events capture moments when tasks(More)
Keywords: Large engineering (major) projects Risk management Design flexibility Modularity Safeguards Cooperation a b s t r a c t We explore how risk management and design flexibility interplay in major (infrastructure) projects, using the £4.2bn Terminal 5 project to expand London's Heathrow airport. By juxtaposing these two conceptual frames, we unearth(More)
Wood density and pulp yield are key parameters in the evaluation of tree productivity and quality for pulping and their relationships are of high practical importance. The influence of wood density on pulp yield and other pulp quality parameters was investigated using Acacia melanoxylon and its natural variability as a case study. Twenty trees were(More)
The antioxidant activity of the phenolic compounds present in industrial black liquors obtained from the two cooking processes (kraft and sulphite) used in Portugal to produce Eucalyptus globulus pulp was evaluated. The black liquors treated at several pH values were extracted with ethyl acetate. Phenolic fractions were further separated by liquid(More)