Nuno Ferreira

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—The Vital Jacket® (VJ) is a wearable vital signs monitoring system that joins textiles with microelectronics. After several years of development within the university lab, it has been licensed to a start-up company. Its evolutions have focused on cardiology and sports and scaled down from a jacket to a single T-shirt. The VJ manufacturing process has(More)
The benefits of cloud computing approaches are well known but designing logical architectures for that context can be complicated. Prior to designing a logical architecture, a proper requirements elicitation must be executed. When requirements are not properly elicited, and there are insufficient inputs for a product approach to requirements elicitation, a(More)
Emotional synthetic characters are able to evaluate (appraise) events as positive or negative with their emotional states being triggered by several factors. Currently , the vast majority of models for appraisal in synthetic characters consider factors related to the goals and preferences of the characters. We argue that appraisals that only take into(More)
Software development in highly variable domains constrained by tight regulations and with many business concepts involved results in hard to deliver and maintain applications, due to the complexity of dealing with the large number of concepts provided by the different parties and system involved in the process. One way to tackle these problems is thru(More)