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This paper proposes a real-time system to provide location based guidance and obstacle avoidance of blind persons in indoor environments. The system integrates navigation features based on visual recognition of markers and the detection and classification of possible obstacles in front of the blind person. The system uses the Microsoft Kinect sensor to(More)
Many military training centers still use traditional means to train and practice air traffic control. To represent reality, they use physical models of an airfield and aircrafts, or advanced computer simulations. LMS systems are also frequently used for management of online contents of courses. We are connecting simulations with LMS systems, in order to(More)
One key issue to design parallel applications that scale on multicore systems is how to overcome the memory bottleneck. This paper presents a study of the impact of data structure layouts in locality of memory references, providing insights on strategies to ameliorate the memory bottleneck. The paper compares the performance of Java and C++ STL collections(More)
In the last three decades with the Information Technologies advent and the growth of the concept of Virtual Environments, a set of new ways to perform tasks have emerged, in the most diversified areas of society. The main focus of this work was to verify if it was possible to increase the sense of presence through multi-sensory stimulation, creating a(More)
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