Nuno D. Mendes

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MOTIVATION The ability to identify complex motifs, i.e. non-contiguous nucleotide sequences, is a key feature of modern motif finders. Addressing this problem is extremely important, not only because these motifs can accurately model biological phenomena but because its extraction is highly dependent upon the appropriate selection of numerous search(More)
MOTIVATION Logical (Boolean or multi-valued) modelling is widely used to study regulatory or signalling networks. Even though these discrete models constitute a coarse, yet useful, abstraction of reality, the analysis of large networks faces a classical combinatorial problem. Here, we propose to take advantage of the intrinsic modularity of inter-cellular(More)
Motivation: Models of discrete concurrent systems often lead to huge and complex state transition graphs that represent their dynamics. This makes difficult to analyse dynamical properties. In particular, for logical models of biological regulatory networks, it is of real interest to study attractors and their reachability from specific initial conditions,(More)
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