Nuno Correia

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This paper focuses on the design and development of an authoring environment for the InStory project. InStory is a platform for mobile storytelling, gaming activities and information access. It focuses on the exploration of cultural and historical physical spaces, promoting interaction between users. During those explorations, users have access to(More)
This paper describes the work carried out in the InStory project. InStory has the goal of defining and implementing a platform for mobile storytelling, information access, and gaming activities. The platform has a flexible computational architecture that integrates heterogeneous devices, different media formats and computational support for different(More)
The introduction of interaction technology in museum settings requires special care in different aspects including the relations with the different participants (public, artists, and curators), and the ability of the technology to provide rewarding experiences over extended periods of time for a demanding audience. This paper describes a hardware and(More)
When interacting with natural or urban environments there are many situations where the ability to access data in real time becomes relevant. Augmented Reality (AR) technologies allow real time superimposition of synthetic objects on real images, providing an augmented knowledge about the surrounding world. Using a Head Mounted Display, the user of an AR(More)
This paper describes a video annotation tool based on a new and flexible model, that gives several perspectives over the same video content. The model was designed in a way that allows having multiple views over the same video data, enabling users with different requirements to have the most appropriate interface. These views, video-lenses, highlight a(More)
In this paper we describe a visualization system for an emergency simulation. We start by presenting a flooding emergency case scenario and all the elements that are involved in it. Then we describe the design decisions that were made in order to create a credible representation of the scene. This includes using a game engine to render the scenario using a(More)