Nuno Cavalheiro Marques

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The portfolio selection is an important technique to decrease the risk in stock investment. In portfolio selection, the investor's property is distributed among a set of stocks in order to minimize the financial risk in market downturns. With this in mind, and aiming to develop a tool to assist the investor in finding balanced portoflios, we achieved a(More)
In this paper we show how a POS-tagger can be successfully adapted to a real world information retrieval system capable of extracting postal addresses from the Internet. We develop a particular tag-set for this system. Then we present and discuss the results acquired with the developed postal address tag-set. We conclude the paper by presenting a short(More)
The Internet of things promises a continuous flow of data where traditional database and data-mining methods cannot be applied. This paper presents improvements on the Ubiquitous Self-Organized Map (UbiSOM), a novel variant of the well-known Self-Organized Map (SOM), tailored for streaming environments. This approach allows ambient intelligence solutions(More)
This position paper proposes a framework based on a feature clustering method using Emergent Self-Organizing Maps over streaming data (Ubi-SOM) and Ramex-Forum – a sequence pattern mining model for financial time series modeling based on observed instantaneous and long term relations over market data. The proposed framework aims at producing realistic(More)
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