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In the thermohalophilic bacterium Rhodothermus marinus, the NADH:quinone oxidoreductase (complex I) is encoded by two single genes and two operons, one of which contains the genes for five complex I subunits, nqo10-nqo14, a pterin carbinolamine dehydratase, and a putative single subunit Na+/H+ antiporter. Here we report that the latter encodes indeed a(More)
The spectrum of the clinical presentation and severity of malaria infections is broad, ranging from uncomplicated febrile illness to severe forms of disease such as cerebral malaria (CM), acute lung injury (ALI), acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), pregnancy-associated malaria (PAM) or severe anemia (SA). Rodent models that mimic human CM, PAM and(More)
The present report addresses the development of cutaneous and ocular reactions possibly related to meloxicam administration in a dog. Based on clinical signs and absence of laboratory data compatible with the other differential diagnoses considered, the possibility of an adverse drug reaction (ADR) due to meloxicam was considered. Skin biopsy revealed(More)
RESUMO A infecção pelo vírus da imunodeficiência humana (VHI) cria a expectativa de uma doença pró xima e terrível pelo declínio físico que a acompanha. As pessoas atingidas pertencem maioritariamente a um grupo etário jovem, que tem em comum a sobrevalorização do prazer, SUMMARY Pslcotherapy in AIDS Infection with human immunodeficiency virus creats the(More)
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