Nungki Selviandro

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Bring your own device or BYOD is one of the technological trends that give direct impact for organizations, because of technology information adaptation in organizations. BYOD referred to an environment in which employees use personal technology such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even desktop PCs - to access corporate networks, applications, and(More)
Indonesia is a country consisting of thousands of islan. With many islands in Indonesia then there are many cultures of various ethnic groups scattered across Indonesia. With the cultural diversity that exist in Indonesia, then the existing culture must be preserved because the culture is a very important element in representing the personality of a(More)
One major reason of failure in IT projects is a problem in requirements given by stakeholders, such as incomplete, inconsistent, and incorrect requirements. Requirements Engineering (RE) is a phase in software development life cycle that plays a critical role in determining software requirements from user requirements. Therefore RE could be very influential(More)
Ubiquitous Learning (U-Learning) is an adaptation of a ubiquitous computing in the implementation of e-learning. The main idea of U-Learning is to deliver the right content to the right users in the right time and the right place. In line with the developments in technology, cloud computing is being adopted as an alternative in the management of IT(More)
Several learning technologies have been developed over the years in order to help distance learning process. However, those technologies are still not enough to give the proper interaction between their users and the technologies themselves. It is caused by the absence of the technologies ability to give context based on their users conditions. When human(More)
Ubiquitous learning with context awareness uses contextual information to give a better service to users with a flexible and easy-to-manage way. Context awareness is able to provide suitable services to certain people. There are 10 context awareness parameters in ubiquitous learning; one of those parameters is strategic context. Strategic context is a plan(More)
Ubiquitous Learning changing the existing paradigm of learning that is a learning process everywhere, every time and anything into the learning process right place, right time and the right thing, so that the determination of the appropriate content for the user and the system's ability to adapt to the user is important in ubiquitous learning. Context aware(More)
This paper presents a research on clustering an image collection using multi-visual features. The proposed method extracted a set of visual features from each image and performed multi-dimensional K-Means clustering on the whole collection. Furthermore, this work experiments on different number of visual features combination for clustering. 2, 3, 5 and 7(More)
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