Numan Celik

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The unique parameters of graphene (GN)-notably its considerable electron mobility, high surface area, and electrical conductivity-are bringing extensive attention into the wearable technologies. This work presents a novel graphene-based electrode for acquisition of electrocardiogram (ECG). The proposed electrode was fabricated by coating GN on top of a(More)
Achillea sivasica Çelik & Akpulat sp. nov. (Asteraceae) from Turkey is described and illustrated. Diagnostic characters, a description and taxonomic comments on the species are given. It is compared with the closely related A. magnifica. The geographical distribution of the new species and related species is shown. IUCN threatened category and observations(More)
Graphene (GN), a single layer two-dimensional structure nanomaterial, exhibits exceptional physical, electrical and chemical properties that lead to many applications from electronics to biomedicine. The unique parameters of GN, notably its considerable electron mobility, thermal conductivity, high surface area and electrical conductivity, are bringing(More)
The MiSt measurement procedure for vital signs monitoring is based on the microwave reflection coefficient measurements on the patient chest using a novel microwave sensor. It is shown that MiSt provides integrated, multi-purpose, low-cost and non-invasive vital signs sensor that is capable of measuring heart-rate, respiration rate, changes in the lung(More)
In this paper, we present a multi-parameter wearable sensor system in conjunction with a smartphone to enable a real-time unobtrusive monitoring of core body temperature, electrocardiogram (ear-lead ECG), and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) on ambulatory patients. Clinical research illustrating that continuing accurate measurements of core body temperature(More)
In this paper, we present a wireless Multiple Smart Sensor System (MSSS) in conjunction with a smartphone to enable an unobtrusive monitoring of electrocardiogram (ear-lead ECG) integrated with multiple sensor system which includes core body temperature and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) for ambulatory patients. The proposed behind-the-ear device makes the(More)
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