Numan Almonasy

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New N-triazinyl derivatives were synthesized by reaction of cyanuric chloride with 1- and 9-aminoanthracenes and subsequent nucleophilic substitution of chlorine atoms on triazinyl ring with methoxy and/or phenylamino groups. The compounds were characterized by 1H and 13C NMR and mass spectra. The influence of the chemical structure and solvent polarity on(More)
The present work aims to the development of innovative new derivatives of chitosan that can be used for medical applications. This innovation is based on the synthesis and characterization of chitosan-g-aminoanthracene derivatives. Thus, N-(anthracen-9-yl)-4,6-dichloro-[1,3,5]-triazin-2-amine (AT) reacted with chitosan by the following steps: at first,(More)
The photophysical properties of two octupolar (T) molecules and of their linear (L) and quadrupolar (Q) analogues are studied by means of steady state and femtosecond to nanosecond spectroscopy. The compounds bear a triphenylamine donor, cyano acceptors and acetylenic (series 1) or olefin (series 2) π-bridges. In the octupolar compound of series 2 (2T),(More)
A series of novel X-shaped push-pull compounds based on benzene-1,2-dicarbonitrile has been designed, synthesized and further investigated by X-ray analysis, electrochemistry, absorption and emission spectra, SHG experiment and quantum-chemical calculations. The obtained data were compared with those for isolobal 5,6-disubstituted(More)
Fluorescence anisotropy measurements were performed on a set of multichromophoric compounds, which contain a different number of aminopyrenyl moieties linked to a triazine ring, in order to reveal the nature of both the electronic excited states and relaxation pathways of the compounds. Our experimental results complement quantum chemical calculations. We(More)
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