Nuha A. S. Alwan

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This cross-sectional, questionnaire-based study evaluated the knowledge, attitude and practice towards breast cancer and breast self-examination (BSE) among 387 (302 females and 85 males) educated Iraqis affiliated to 2 Iraqi universities. The participants were categorized into 3 occupations: student (71.3%), teaching staff (10.3%) and administrative staff(More)
  • N A S Alwan
  • 2010
Breast cancer is the commonest type of malignancy in Iraq. The study was carried out on 721 out of a total of 5044 patients (14.3%) presenting with palpable breast lumps that were diagnosed as cancer. Approximately one third of the breast cancer patients were diagnosed at age 40-49 years; 71.9% came from urban areas; and 75% were married. History of(More)
A systolic parallel system based on simultaneous forward and backward dynamic programming is proposed for the solution of the shortest path problem. The speed-up advantage of this fast systolic solution to this problem is very important in applications such as shortest-path routing in wireless networks for instance. The merit of this method becomes clear in(More)
This study evaluated the knowledge and practice of breast self-examination (BSE), among a sample of educated Iraqi women. The study sample comprised 858 women aged 18-62 years affiliated to 6 major Iraqi universities, categorized according to occupation as teaching staff (11.5%), administrative staff (18.0%) and students (70.5%). Data were collected by a(More)
We address the problem of satisfying multiple constraints in a shortest-path Dijkstra-based dynamic programming (DP) framework. We solve this problem considering its applicability to routing in wireless mesh networks. Our work, therefore, relates to quality-of-service (QoS) metrics such as bandwidth, delay and the number of hops between network nodes. The(More)
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