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The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is founded on reef-building corals. Corals build their exoskeleton with aragonite, but ocean acidification is lowering the aragonite saturation state of seawater (Ωa). The downscaling of ocean acidification projections from global to GBR scales requires the set of regional drivers controlling Ωa to be resolved. Here we use a(More)
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Synthetic observations of the suspended sediment concentration in an idealised macro-tidal estuary are assimilated into the 3d sediment transport model. The assimilation scheme relies on fast and cheap surrogates of the complex model (called emulators) to update the model’s state variables and its 2 parameters. A scenario with a hierarchically structured(More)
A chromato-spectrometric method has been developed for the quantitative determination of the biologically active alkaloid adlumine of pale corydalis which permits the determination of adlumine in the plant material with an accuracy of ±3.62% and of the isolated substance with an accuracy of ±0.79%.
A comparative chemical study of five species of corydalis (Corydalis rosea Leych.,C. gigantea Trautv. et Mey,C. vaginans Royle,C. remota Fisch., andC. marschalliana Pers.) has shown that important characteristics of the individual species are not only the type but also the particular composition of the alkaloids within each group and, in particular, the(More)
Continuing an investigation of the composition of the alkaloids of Corydalis vaginans Royle, family Papaveraceae, introduced into the Botanical garden of VILR [All-Union Scient i f ic-Research Institute of Medicinal Plants] [1], we have additionally isolated and identified by IR, UV, NMR, mass spec t ra and the resul ts of a di rect comparison with(More)
F r o m the herb Corydal is rosen Leyeh. ( rosy corydal is ) , family P a v e r a c e a e introduced into the botanical garden of the All-Union Sc ien t i f i c -Resea rch Insti tute of Medicinal Plants and col lected on August 29, 1969, in the flowering phase , we have obtained, using the dichloroethane method, the combined alkaloids , f r o m which five(More)