Ntsoaki J Leeuw

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It is known that acetylsalicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory and anti-mitochondrial drug, targets structure development and functions of yeasts depending on elevated levels of mitochondrial activity. Using antibody probes, we previously reported that sporangia of Mucor circinelloides also contain increased mitochondrial activity, yielding high levels of(More)
Eremothecium coryli is known to produce intriguing spindle-shaped ascospores with long and thin whip-like appendages. Here, ultra structural studies using scanning electron microscopy, indicate that these appendages serve to coil around themselves and around ascospores causing spore aggregation. Furthermore, using immunofluorescence confocal laser scanning(More)
Interesting distribution patterns of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA, aspirin) sensitive 3-hydroxy (OH) oxylipins were previously reported in some representatives of the yeast genus Eremothecium—an important group of plant pathogens. Using immunofluorescence microscopy and 3-OH oxylipin specific antibodies in this study, we were able to map the presence of these(More)
The oleaginous fungi Cryptococcus curvatus and Mucor circinelloides were used to determine the effect of palm oil breakdown products, measured as polymerized triglycerides (PTGs), on lipid turnover and on fungal growth and morphology. In M. circinelloides, we found after 7 days of growth, a decrease in biomass and in lipid utilization and accumulation at(More)
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