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Information Centric Networking (ICN) has shown possibilities to solve several problems of the Internet. At the same time, some problems need to be tackled in order to advance this promising architecture. In this paper we address two of the problems, namely routing and content caching. For the routing, we introduce the Potential Based Routing (PBR) to(More)
Wireless network virtualization is needed to build a virtual network over wireless and wired networks, which enables a rapid deployment of novel mobile services or novel mobile network architectures on a shared infrastructure. This paper proposes an airtime-based resource control technique for wireless network virtualization, in which wireless network(More)
We discuss how using multimedia Internet communication tools, including a high-quality video conferencing system, a text-based discussion system, and a network-based display-sharing system, promoted the establishment of an effective learning environment. We found that students studying a second language by using these systems became more motivated not only(More)
We propose a new concept for sensor network sharing which we call `VFSN: Virtual Federated Sensor Network' that enables multiple applications to share widely distributed sensor networks flexibly, preserving resource isolations. In VFSN, virtualized sink called `vSink' are interconnected via Peer-to-Peer network to achieve dedicated federated sensor network.(More)