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Serotonin (5-HT) is considered to play a significant role in anxiety-related behaviors in animals through actions on the amygdaloid complex. To evaluate this role from the point of neurotransmitter release regulation, nystatin-perforated patch recording was employed on mechanically dissociated basolateral amygdala neurons containing functional synaptic(More)
Brain-type fatty acid-binding protein (B-FABP) belongs to a family of intracellular lipid-binding proteins. B-FABP exhibits a binding affinity to long-chain fatty acids (FAs) whose effects on brain functions including development, emotion, learning and memory have been proposed. B-FABP is localized in the ventricular germinal cells in embryonic brain and(More)
The ganglioside GM3 synthase (SAT-I), encoded by a single-copy gene, is a primary glycosyltransferase for the synthesis of complex gangliosides. In SAT-I null mice, hearing ability, assessed by brainstem auditory-evoked potentials (BAEP), was impaired at the onset of hearing and had been completely lost by 17 days after birth (P17), showing a deformity in(More)
OBJECTIVE We recently developed a new noninvasive registration method for image-guided otologic surgery (STAMP method). We investigated the benefit and potential drawback of our new method in clinical application and tested the feasibility of routine image-guided surgery. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case review. SETTING Tertiary referral university(More)
PURPOSE    Most of the current Bonebridge surgeries undergo preoperative simulation planning in a computer. However, surgeons usually use the landmarks on the bone surface to determine the location where to implant the device, using the simulation image in the computer only as a reference (conventional method). We developed an image-guided method for(More)
Presynaptic and postsynaptic membrane activities during experimental metabolic inhibition were analysed in mechanically dissociated rat hippocampal neurons using nystatin-perforated and conventional whole-cell patch clamp recordings. NaCN, an inhibitor of mitochondrial ATP synthesis, induced an outward current across the postsynaptic soma membrane. This(More)
An image-guided surgical system for otologic surgery was developed and clinically evaluated. With reliable hybrid registration, real-time patient movement compensation and virtual intraoperative computed tomography imaging have been originally proposed. In contrast to the commercially available systems that mainly use 2-D images for pointing probes, in this(More)
The clinical utility of auditory evoked potentials for validation of the pure tone audiogram in adult compensation claimants and medicolegal patients is examined. Large sample comparisons of evoked potential and conventional pure tone thresholds showed that the slow vertex response can estimate true hearing levels within 10 dB in almost all patients. Given(More)
Cochlear outer hair cells undergo reversible changes in shape when externally stimulated. This response, known as OHC motility, is a central component of the cochlear amplifier, the mechanism responsible for the high sensitivity of mammalian hearing. We report that actin depolymerization, as regulated by activation/inhibition of LIMK/cofilin-mediated(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Peristomal wound infections are common complications of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG). The Funada-style gastropexy device has two parallel needles with a wire loop and suture thread, and was developed about 20 years ago in Japan. This kit has allowed us to perform dual gastropexy very easily; PEG with gastropexy has become a(More)