Nozomi Ohno

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The driving and damping mechanism of plasma flow is an important issue because flow shear has a significant impact on turbulence in a plasma, which determines the transport in the magnetized plasma. Here we report clear evidence of the flow damping due to stochastization of the magnetic field. Abrupt damping of the toroidal flow associated with a transition(More)
Dependence of the damping rate of the oscillations of the dust particles levitating in the sheath on the plasma parameters is investigated both theoretically and experimentally. Significant deviations of the damping rate from the values predicted by the Epstein formula are found in the experiment. The delayed charging effect is applied for the theoretical(More)
Detailed comparison between fluctuation characteristics at high-field-side (HFS) and low-fieldside (LFS) scrape off layers (SOLs) has been made, for the first time, in the L mode plasma of JT-60U tokamak using reciprocating Langumuir probes. Statistical analysis based on probability distribution function (PDF) was employed to describe intermittent(More)
Externally driven, vertically polarized transverse dust-lattice waves were observed in a one-dimensional strongly coupled dust chain levitated in the plasma-sheath boundary of a dc argon plasma at low gas pressure around 5 mtorr. Real and imaginary parts of the complex wave number were measured in the experiments. The experimental result clearly shows that(More)
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