Nozar Tabrizi

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We introduce MaRS, a reconfigurable, parallel computing engine with special emphasis on scalability, lending itself to the computation-/data-intensive multimedia data processing and wireless communication. Global communication between the processing elements (PEs) in MaRS is performed through a 2D-mesh deadlock-free network, avoiding any concerns due to(More)
MorphoSys is a reconfigurable SIMD architecture. In this paper, a BSP-based ray tracing is gracefully mapped onto MorphoSys. The mapping highly exploits ray-tracing parallelism. A straightforward mechanism is used to handle irregularity among parallel rays in BSP. To support this mechanism, a special data structure is established, in which no intermediate(More)
This paper presents a mapping scheme of an optimized octree-based ray tracing algorithm and its implementation on a SIMD reconfigurable architecture, MorphoSys, with appropriate hardware incorporated. A two-level SIMD mapping scheme for ray tracing is chosen to get better trade-off between coherence exploitation efficiency and bandwidth requirements. We(More)
This paper presents an architecture for running interactive ray tracing applications on portable devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and head mounted displays and discusses the main issues related to the mapping of this graphics algorithm using fixed-point arithmetic. The paper shows that a floatingpoint arithmetic unit, with its associated power and area(More)