Novruz Allahverdi

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In this study, a new mutation operator has been developed to increase Genetic Algorithm (GA) performance to find the shortest distance in the known Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). We called this method as Greedy Sub Tour Mutation (GSTM). There exist two different greedy search methods and a component that provides a distortion in this new operator. The(More)
Although artificial neural network (ANN) usually reaches high classification accuracy, the obtained results sometimes may be incomprehensible. This fact is causing a serious problem in data mining applications. The rules that are derived from ANN are needed to be formed to solve this problem and various methods have been improved to extract these rules.(More)
In this study a fuzzy expert system design for diagnosing, analyzing and learning purpose of the prostate cancer diseases was described. For this prostate was used prostate specific antigen (PSA), age and prostate volume (PV) as input parameters and prostate cancer risk (PCR) as output. This system allows determining if there is a need for the biopsy and it(More)
Searching for similar documents has a crucial role in document management. This paper aims for developing a fast and high quality method of searching similar documents based on fuzzy clustering in large document collections. In order to perform these requirements, a two layers structure is proposed. Formerly, finding the similarity in documents is based on(More)
The aim of this study is to design a Fuzzy Expert System to determine coronary heart disease (CHD) risk of patient for the next ten-years. The designed system gives the user the ratio of the risk and may recommend using one of three results; (1) normal live; (2) diet; (3) drug treatment. The data (risk ratio) obtained from designed system are compared with(More)
An accuracy level of unimodal biometric recognition system is not very high because of noisy data, limited degrees of freedom, spoof attacks etc. problems. A multimodal 17 biometric system which uses two or more biometric traits of an individual can overcome such problems. We propose a multimodal biometric recognition system that fuses the 19 fingerprint(More)