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Keywords: Systematic literature review Cross-site scripting Security Web applications a b s t r a c t Context: Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a security vulnerability that affects web applications. It occurs due to improper or lack of sanitization of user inputs. The security vulnerability caused many problems for users and server applications. Objective: To(More)
Software reuse has been recognised as an attractive idea with an obvious payoff to achieve software that is faster, better and cheaper. One important component to be highlighted in designing reusable object-oriented software is design patterns. Design patterns describe a commonly recurring structure of communicating components that solve a general design(More)
Teaching and learning for software design course at universities demands a sufficient supervision from the educators (e.g., instructors, lecturers, teachers, mentors and others) and also active communications between students and lecturers. With adequate practice of software design problems/exercises, it can enhance students' knowledge in software design. A(More)
A typical component-based system architecture comprises a set of components that have been purposefully designed and structured to ensure that they have "pluggable" interfaces and an acceptable match with a defined system context. However, the black-box nature of many software components means there is never a clean match between system specifications and(More)
Metaphor is a representation of object and situation that have meaning and comparable to real thing to convey the message to people. The purpose of using metaphor is to facilitate in making communication more direct and effective for particular user communities. This study reveals design metaphor issues for paddy farmer population in agriculture domain in(More)
Component-based software development (CBD) is an architecture-centric process that relies on the integration of pre-fabricated software components to construct systems. Architecture plays a central in CBD by providing a means to document system development, verify the integrity and adequacy of component compositions, and to manage change. Architectural(More)
— Personal Information Management (PIM) is an important discipline that evolves with the technology advancements in their operating systems. The understanding of its four main activities in PIM: organizing, retrieving, deleting and archiving are crucial because the information growth in our desktop increased overtime. The paper presents the study conducted(More)
Computer-based learning model acts as an important supplement to traditional teaching method that commonly using pen, paper or any material, which apply multi-senses application for students with dyslexia. The need to improve learning style for students with dyslexia raised by many researchers, teachers and also parents. Students with dyslexia have poor(More)