Nouzha Harrati

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Usability for software systems has emerged as an integral part of the continuous commercial success of IT companies. This is partly due to the vital need to satisfy customers' goals for systems becoming pervasive and ubiquitous within our daily life. In this research study, we have explored the use of task models to define how the user should interact with(More)
The human face conveys remarkable amount of perceptible information and traits such as the emotional state, ethnicity, age and gender. In this paper, we explore a vision-based approach for the estimation of age range for an individual via facial features. The local binary pattern operator is applied to derive a hybrid set of features including local and(More)
As facial expression plays undoubtedly a key role in conveying human emotions and feelings, research into how people react to the world and communicate with each other still stands as one of the most scientific challenges to be addressed. Recent research has shown that facial expressions can be a potential medium for various applications. In this research(More)
Numerous published studies have confirmed the potentials of deploying gait as biometrics within forensic and surveillance scenarios. Few of these have addressed the contribution of motion-based features on the recognition process. We describe in this paper a descriptor based on computing the optical flow of consecutive frames to generative a discriminative(More)
As computing becomes ubiquitous in our modern society, automated recognition of human activities emerges as a crucial topic where it can be applied to many real-life human-centric scenarios such as smart automated surveillance, human computer interaction and automated refereeing. In this research study, a motion descriptor is constructed based on the(More)
Because of the unprecedented number of crimes and terror attacks as well as the vital need to provide safer environment, a surge of concerns has emerged in many countries to ensure the safety of their citizens via the use of advanced surveillance technology. It is no wonder that many cities have deployed a number of biometric technologies within their(More)
The use of online technology has become ubiquitous and integral part of our daily life from education to entertainment. Because of the ubiquity of e-learning and vital influence for engineering the educational process, it is no surprise that many research studies are conducted to explore different aspects covering the use of e-learning in higher education.(More)
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