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Network analysis is an important term in different scientific areas and finding the structure of communities is a significant challenge in network analysis. A group of vertices with high intra-connection and sparse inter-connection is called community. In this paper, we propose a novel method for community detection in networks, which works better in time(More)
Network analysis is an important and interesting area of research with many applications in different domains. One of the challenges in network analysis is community detection. Community detection is the process of partitioning the network into some groups in such a way that there exist many interactions in the groups and few interactions among them. Toward(More)
In this paper, we investigate the effects of using linguistic information for improvement of statistical machine translation for English-Persian language pair. We choose POS tags as helping linguistic feature. A monolingual Persian corpus with POS tags is prepared and variety of tags is chosen to be small. Using the POS tagger trained on this corpus, we(More)
Word sense disambiguation is used in many natural language processing fields. One of the ways of disambiguation is the use of decision list algorithm which is a supervised method. Supervised methods are considered as the most accurate machine learning algorithms but they are strongly influenced by knowledge acquisition bottleneck which means that their(More)
A 0.18 &#x003BC;m single chip GPS receiver with 19.5 mA power consumption is implemented in 6.5 mm<sup>2</sup>. A serial input digital control with additional testing structure not adding more than 4% to the Si area are used to the actual RF circuits in case of problems minimizing the number of Si runs.
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