Nourlil Jalal

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Understanding the role of humans in the dispersal of predominantly animal pathogens is essential for their control. We used newly developed Bayesian phylogeographic methods to unravel the dynamics and determinants of the spread of dog rabies virus (RABV) in North Africa. Each of the countries studied exhibited largely disconnected spatial dynamics with(More)
In 1970 we observed that the course of the photochemical cycloadditions of certain ethylenic and acetylenic compounds to benzene, earlier reported by us [1, 2], was profoundly altered in the presence of proton donors, leading to a type of photochemical Friedel-Crafts reaction [3]. Since then, we have described, mostly in preliminary form, numerous further(More)
2014 The aggregates obtained by the neutralization of a carboxylic single-ended polymer chain in organic solvent are studied. Neutron and X-ray small angle scattering are used for the characterisation of the aggregates and for the study of their structure as a function of concentration. J. Phys. France 49 (1988) 1775-1783 OCTOBRE 1988, Classification(More)
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