Nouri Masmoudi

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The H.264/AVC Advanced Video Coding standard (AVC) is poised to enable a wide range of applications. However, its increased complexity creates a big challenge for efficient software implementations. This work develops and optimises the H.264/AVC video decoder level two on the TMS320C6416 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for video conference applications. In(More)
The coding gain of the H.264/AVC video encoder mainly comes from the new incorporated prediction tools. However, their enormous computation and ultrahigh memory bandwidth are the penalties. In this paper we present an approach supporting efficient data reuse process to avoid unnecessary memory accesses and redundant motion estimation computations combined(More)
Iris localization is a critical step for an iris recognition system because it directly affects the recognition rates. Consequently, in order to have reasonably accurate measures, we should estimate as many iris boundaries as possible which are defined by papillary and ciliary regions. Due to the contraction which is an intrinsic propriety of the pupil and(More)