Nouredine Tamani

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Previously studied fuzzy bipolar conditions of type ”and if possible” are made of a mandatory condition c and an optional condition w. They allow expressing complex preferences of a conjunctive nature. We define in this paper, a new kind of fuzzy bipolar conditions of the form ”or else” which express complex preferences of a disjunctive nature. We show that(More)
Evaluating food quality is a complex process since it relies on numerous criteria historically grouped into four main types: nutritional, sensorial, practical and hygienic qualities. They may be completed by other emerging preoccupations such as the environmental impact, economic phenomena, etc. However, all these aspects of quality and their various(More)
Improving the performance ofMobileAd hocNET-works (MANETs) is challenging. The MANETs communications are presented with many constraints such as dynamic topology, unreliability of wireless links, and limited bandwidth and energy resources. The routing in MANETs can be particularly difficult due to aggravated congestion problem. This paper proposes a new QoS(More)
Within the framework of the European project EcoBioCap, we model a real world use case aiming at conceiving the next generation of food packagings. The objective is to select packaging materials according to possibly conflicting requirements expressed by the involved parties (food and packaging industries, health authorities, consumers, waste management(More)
The paper addresses the problem of explaining Boolean Conjunctive Query (BCQ) entailment in the presence of inconsistency within the OntologyBased Data Access (OBDA) setting, where inconsistency is handled by the intersection of closed repairs semantics (ICR) and the ontology is represented by Datalog+/rules. We address this problem in the case of both BCQ(More)
Conceptual Graphs are a powerful visual knowledge representation language. In this paper we are interested in the use of Conceptual Graphs in the setting of Ontology Based Data Access, and, more specifically, in reasoning in the presence of inconsistency. We present different explanation heuristics of query answering under inconsistency and show how they(More)
13 Within the framework of the European project EcoBioCap (ECOeffi14 cient BIOdegradable Composite Advanced Packaging), aiming at con15 ceiving the next generation of food packagings, we have designed an 16 argumentation-based tool for management of conflicting viewpoints 17 between preferences expressed by the involved parties (food and pack18 aging(More)