Noureddine Zerhouni

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In this paper, we describe a CBR approach for failure diagnosis of a pallets transfer. Adaptation phase is the key problem of the case-based reasoning system conception. This paper is a contribution to fill this gap in the equipments diagnostic and repair help. Retrieval step guided by adaptation is proposed, as a result similarity measures associated with(More)
Cooperation is an efficiency factor in many activities like design, medicine or maintenance. Several researches try to optimize cooperation activity by using tools or algorithms designed to enhance human interaction. Few researches are made on conceptual cooperation modeling. However, industrials want to compare different algorithms, organizations or(More)
Forecasting the future states of a complex system is a complicated challenge that is encountered in many industrial applications covered in the community of prognostics and health management. Practically, states can be either continuous or discrete: Continuous states generally represent the value of a signal while discrete states generally depict(More)