Noureddine Zerhouni

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This paper proposes a Recurrent Radial Basis Function network (RRBFN) that can be applied to dynamic monitoring and prognosis. Based on the architecture of the conventional Radial Basis Function networks, the RRBFN have input looped neurons with sigmoid activation functions. These looped-neurons represent the dynamic memory of the RRBF, and the Gaussian(More)
Prognostics activity deals with the estimation of the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of physical systems based on their current health state and their future operating conditions. RUL estimation can be done by using two main approaches, namely model-based and data-driven approaches. The first approach is based on the utilization of physics of failure models of(More)
The main goal of a Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) system is to provide criteria for evaluating the internal behavior and task efficiency of a particular system for a given initial case base and sequence of a solved problems. The choice of Case Base Maintenance (CBM) strategies is driven by the maintainer's performance goals for the system and by constraints on(More)
– Rolling element bearing failure is one of the foremost causes of breakdown in rotating machinery. It is not uncommon to replace a defected/used bearing with a new one that has shorter remaining useful life than the defected one. Thus, prognostics of bearing plays critical role for increased availability and reduced cost. Effective prognostics highly(More)
In this paper, we describe a CBR approach for failure diagnosis of a pallets transfer. Adaptation phase is the key problem of the case-based reasoning system conception. This paper is a contribution to fill this gap in the equipments diagnostic and repair help. Retrieval step guided by adaptation is proposed, as a result similarity measures associated with(More)
The multiple reconfiguration and the complexity of the modern production system lead to design intelligent monitoring aid systems. Accordingly, the use of neuro-fuzzy technics seems very promising. In this paper, we propose a new monitoring aid system composed by a dynamic neural network detection tool and a neuro-fuzzy diagnosis tool. Learning capabilities(More)