Noureddine Rais

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Ancient manuscripts constitute a heritage to preserve for future generations and make it accessible to a wider audience. This heritage is unfortunately consulted by a minority of experts and researchers because of the lack of information on the existence of this national heritage. The problem is partly due to the fact that this manuscript heritage is(More)
  • Gouiouez Mounir, N. Rais, M. Azzouzi Idrissi
  • 2013
In recent ‎ years, ‎ the rapid growth of road traffic density ‎ generates a rising request for tools that can be used to analyze and ‎ control the traffic networks. The Microscopic traffic simulation is one of the major tools used in the analysis of traffic systems; it provides a very detailed study of the interaction between the elements of the traffic(More)
In recent years, the rapid growth of road traffic density in the world generates a rising request for tools that can be used to analyze and control the traffic networks. Microscopic traffic simulation[1,2,3] has proven to be one of the most useful tools for analysis of various traffic systems. Thus microscopic traffic simulation has become an ever(More)
The old manuscripts kept in libraries are a part of the richest cultural heritage and legacy of civilizations. Digitalization is a solution for the preservation of this cultural and historical heritage, which is very difficult to handle for users. The automatic or manual transcription of old Arabic manuscripts is an inevitable stage for the indexing and the(More)
We present a new Following Car Algorithm in Microscopic Urban Traffic Models which integrates some real-life factors that need to be considered, such as the effect of random distributions in the car speed, acceleration, entry of lane… Our architecture is based on Multi-Agent Randomized Systems (MARS) developed in earlier publications.
In this article we describe an approach to the massive production of digital images of manuscripts to be published on the Internet. The goal of this work is to offer an easy-to-use interface that allows customizable views of images manuscript in several sizes and provide searching and browsing functionality for users of arabic manuscripts using an XML(More)
In recent years, the research in topic of car-following has become an increased importance in traffic engineering and safety driving. Various theories attempt to describe the vehicular traffic flow process and the interaction between adjacent vehicles in the same lane. In this paper we present a new model for car-following models, which integrates some(More)
To facilitate the task of reading and searching information, it became necessary to find a way to reduce the size of documents without affecting the content. The solution is in Automatic text summarization system, it allows, from an input text to produce another smaller and more condensed without losing relevant data and meaning conveyed by the original(More)
This paper presents a system for recognizing handwritten Arabic offline, single-writer without word segmentation. The system aims to transcribe the manuscripts images to enable their operations and accelerate the search for content. It has set an objective, scan, analyze, make available to the public archive content Arab-Islamic language and bring out an(More)
The fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm has been widely used to obtain the fuzzy k-partitions. This algorithm requires that the user gives the number of clusters k. To find automatically the " right " number of clusters, k, for a given data set, many validity indexes algorithms have been proposed in the literature. Most of these indexes do not work well for(More)
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