Noureddine Lasmar

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This paper deals with texture analysis based on multiscale stochastic modeling. In contrast to common approaches using symmetric marginal probability density functions of subband coefficients, experimental manipulations show that the symmetric shape assumption is violated for several texture classes. From this fact, we propose in this paper to exploit this(More)
In the framework of wavelet-based analysis, this paper deals with texture modeling for classification or retrieval systems using non-Gaussian multivariate statistical features. We propose a stochastic model based on Spherically Invariant Random Vectors (SIRVs) joint density function with Weibull assumption to characterize the dependences between wavelet(More)
This paper deals with texture modeling for classification or retrieval systems using multivariate statistical features. The proposed features are defined by the hyperparameters of a copula-based multivariate distribution characterizing the coefficients provided by image decomposition in scale and orientation. As it belongs to the multivariate stochastic(More)
In the framework of texture image retrieval, a new family of stochastic multivariate modeling is proposed based on Gaussian Copula and wavelet decompositions. We take advantage of the copula paradigm, which makes it possible to separate dependence structure from marginal behavior. We introduce two new multivariate models using, respectively, generalized(More)
This paper presents a new texture retrieval algorithm based on elliptical distributions for the modeling of wavelet sub-bands. For measuring similarity between two texture images, the geodesic distance (GD) is considered. A closed form for fixed shape parameters and an approximation when assuming the geodesic coordinate functions as straight lines are(More)
This paper presents a new wavelet based retrieval approach based on Spherically Invariant Random Vector (SIRV) modeling of wavelet subbands. Under this multivariate model, wavelet coefficients are considered as a realization of a random vector which is a product of the square root of a scalar random variable (called multiplier) with an independent Gaussian(More)
In this paper, we deal with the problem of feature extraction in content-based image retrieval (CBIR) using statistical approach. A Gaussianization procedure based on parametric density assumptions of steerable pyramid coefficients is proposed. The extraction method of features including the Gaussianization step allows us to limit the order of the(More)
This paper presents a new similarity measure based on Rao distance for color texture classification or retrieval. Textures are characterized by a joint model of complex wavelet coefficients. This model is based on a Gaussian Copula in order to consider the dependency between color components. Then, a closed form of Rao distance is computed to measure the(More)
This paper deals with the classification and segmentation of seafloor images recorded by sidescan sonar. To address this problem, related to texture analysis, a supervised approach is considered. The features of the textured images are extract by characterizing the wavelet coefficients through parametric probabilistic models. In this contribution, the(More)
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