Noureddine Elouazizi

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This paper explores the cognitive presence of the learners in MOOCs through using a (computational) linguistic analysis of the learners’ Point-of-View as an indicator for cognitive presence. The linguistic analysis of the written language as a medium of interaction by the students in the context of MOOCs shows hallmarks of cognitive disengagement and low(More)
Experimental studies, however, present a different picture on the matter. McDaniel & Cowart (1999) found that while structures with resumptive pronouns were rated higher than those with empty gaps in subject gap relative clauses formed from weak islands (wh-complement clauses), as in (1a), no such difference was found in object gap relative clauses, as in(More)
This paper advances a formal approach about how to encode cognitive relevance into the design of interfaces of multimodal systems, with a focus on the automatic multimedia generation systems. We make a proposal that the optimality of the encoding of cognitive relevance depends on a proper formalization of the processes of modality allocation and modality(More)
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