Noureddine Boudriga

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Anomaly-based intrusion detection is a crucial research issue as it permits to identify attacks that does not necessarily have known signatures. However, approaches using anomalies often consume more resources than those based on misuse detection and have a higher false alarm rate. This paper presents an efficient anomaly analysis method that is proved to(More)
Autonomous multidatabases, Computer Aided Design (CAD) databases, and Object Oriented Databases have requirements that cODstitute a few examples of systems where traditional transactions may not be sufficient. Users of these advanced applications are more sophisticated than users envisioned for On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications a few(More)
In this paper, we present a scheme for dynamic resource management using traffic descriptors. A priority multi-class scheme to support QoS on an optical network is defined. Unlike existing mechanisms that depend on buffers management and scheduling algorithms, our mechanism does not require any electronic buffering in the intermediate optical network nodes,(More)
Existing risk analysis techniques are often hard to handle in real world contexts without the use of appropriate software because of their computational complexity. This makes managers and security analysts use simplified methods to evaluate security investments. However, these methods have been shown to be inefficient in most cases. Therefore, an automated(More)
—Pipeline-based applications have become the indispensable part of life. Active monitoring and frequent inspections are critical to maintaining pipeline health. However, these tasks are highly expensive using the traditional maintenance systems, knowing that the pipeline systems can be largely deployed in an inaccessible and hazardous environment. In this(More)