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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between uterine artery Doppler measurements and maternal complications among women with severe pre-eclampsia. METHODS As part of a cross-sectional study, women with a single intrauterine pregnancy of more than 28 weeks and a diagnosis of severe pre-eclampsia were enrolled at a unit in Cairo, Egypt, between December(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the impact of endometrial scratch injury (ESI) on intrauterine insemination (IUI) success. METHODS One hundred and fifty four infertile women received 100 mg of oral clomiphene citrate for 5 days starting on day 3 of the menstrual cycle. Patients were randomized to 2 equal groups: Group C received IUI without ESI and group S had ESI.(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare effectiveness and tolerability of carbetocin versus syntometrine in prevention of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) after cesarean section (CS). METHODS A double-blind randomized study conducted on 300 pregnant subjected randomly either to single 100 μg IV dose of carbetocin (150 women) or combination of 5 IU oxytocin and 0.2 mg ergometrine(More)
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