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The aim of this work is to review the available literature on the details of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) use for the enhancement of the proliferation of various cultured cell lines including stem cells. A cell culture is one of the most useful techniques in science, particularly in the production of viral vaccines and hybrid cell lines. However, the(More)
BACKGROUND The use of the Internet to search for health-related information (HRI) has become a common practice worldwide. Our literature review failed to find any evidence of previous studies on this topic from Saudi Arabia. OBJECTIVE To determine the public use of the Internet in Saudi Arabia to search for HRI and to evaluate patients' perceptions of the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Use of hair dye is extremely common worldwide. However, our literature search failed to find studies concerning the knowledge and attitudes of the public with regard to hair dyes. We sought to explore the knowledge and practices of, and attitudes towards, the use of hair dye among females. DESIGN AND SETTING A cross-sectional(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have discussed attitudes of vitiligo patients toward their disease. However, no studies have addressed this issue from the public's point of view. OBJECTIVE To explore the perceptions, attitudes, and misconceptions of the public toward vitiligo. METHODS A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to attendees of primary(More)
Vitiligo is a common pigmentary disorder caused by the destruction of functional melanocytes. Vitamin D is an essential hormone synthesized in the skin and is responsible for skin pigmentation. Low levels of vitamin D have been observed in vitiligo patients and in patients with other autoimmune diseases. Therefore, the relationship between vitamin D and(More)
We aimed to explore perceptions, attitudes and practices toward research among medical students. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed among senior medical students at the King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Hundred and seventy two students participated in the study, with 97 males (65.5%). The majority of the students agreed that(More)
Health research training forms an important part of medical education. This cross-sectional study examined the attitudes to research, perceived barriers to research and experience of participation in research projects among resident physicians in Saudi Arabia. A self-administered email questionnaire was completed by 191/207 residents working in different(More)
OBJECTIVE To study migraine associated with road traffic accidents in the United Arab Emirates. METHODS A cross-sectional hospital based study was conducted at Al-Ain Medical Health District, Al-Ain and Tawam Hospitals, United Arab Emirates. A total 1985 vehicle drivers aged 18 years and above were seen at Al-Ain and Tawam Hospitals for accidents and(More)
BACKGROUND Eyebrow bleaching is a common practice among women with dark hair that allows for alterations in the eyebrows' shape without the use of hair removal. A literature search on this topic failed to reveal any extant studies. OBJECTIVE To explore the prevalence, associated motives, and side effects of eyebrow bleaching among women. Methods  A(More)
BACKGROUND Despite its association with a number of side effects, hair dye use is common worldwide. OBJECTIVE To explore the local side effects of hair dye use and to relate these effects to features of hair dyeing. METHODS A questionnaire about hair dye use was distributed to a random sample of 650 female patients at various outpatient clinics in 2008.(More)