Nour El-Kadri

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This paper presents a privacy compliance engine that monitors emails generated in an organization for violation of privacy policy of this organization. Our architecture includes four components: a domain knowledge defining the entities and private information we are dealing with, a pre-analysis component that extracts header information and segments the(More)
Privacy is one of the main societal concerns raised by critics of the uncontrolled growth and spread of information technology in developed societies. The purpose of this paper is to propose a privacy compliance engine that takes email messages as input and filters those that violate the privacy rules of the organization in which it is deployed. Our system(More)
Many Internet service providers (ISPs) throughout the world are now in the process of integrating IPv6 into their Internet access products for retail customers and corporate clients. One of the most important features of the IPv6 protocol is its huge address space. This will enable users to assign a life-long stable, unique and globally routable IP address(More)
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