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In a series of experiments the effects of colony lighting conditions on home-cage aggression were examined, and the relation among measures of home-cage aggressive behavior and shock-induced aggression were determined. In each experiment rats were maintained under either a light/dark (LD) cycle or a continous light (LL) schedule. Experiments 1A and 1B(More)
In a series of experiments, the effect of parachlorophenylalanine (PCPA) on shock-induced fighting was assessed rats raised and maintained under either a 12-hr alternating light-dark cycle (LD) or constant light conditions (LL). PCPA increased shock-induced aggression only in LL groups when testing was accomplished using a 2 mA shock; PCPA resulted in(More)
This work is a study of binary data, especially binary images sources of information widely used. In general, comparing two binary images that represent the same content is not always easy because an image can undergo transformations like: Translation, rotation, affinity, resolution change and scale or change in appearance. In this paper, we will try to(More)
A series of experiments was conducted to assess the influence of home-cage lighting conditions on shock-induced aggression in rats. The first two experiments tested rats six times within 24 hr and demonstrated that subjects maintained on a light/dark (LD) cycle fought more than rats maintained on a 24-hr light schedule (LL). In addition, a periodic trend(More)
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