Notker Rösch

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As a first step toward modeling the interaction of dissolved actinide contaminants with mineral surfaces, we studied low-coverage adsorption of aqueous uranyl, UO2(2+), on the hydroxylated alpha-Al2O3(0001) surface. We carried out density functional periodic slab model calculations and modeled solvation effects by explicit aqua ligands. We explored the(More)
C-O bond scission of methoxide species adsorbed at the surface of Pd nanoparticle was studied by DF calculations for the example of cuboctahedral Pd(79). To investigate different locations of adsorbed intermediates as well as the transition state of C-O bond scission, a substrate model was used, which allows one to consider adsorbates without any local(More)
Methanol steam reforming, catalyzed by Pd/ZnO (PdZn alloy), is a potential source of hydrogen for on-board fuel cells. CO has been reported to be a minor side product of methanol decomposition that occurs in parallel to methanol steam reforming on PdZn catalysts. However, fuel cells currently used in vehicles are very sensitive to CO poisoning. To(More)
We systematically studied the adsorption of uranyl(vi) on two common edge surfaces, (010) and (110), of 2 : 1 smectite clay minerals, using standard periodic DFT models. To describe various types of permanently charged clay minerals, we introduced charged defects into the initially neutral layer of pyrophyllite, cation substitutions in tetrahedral(More)
Jan-Henrik Fischer-Wolfarth,1 Jason A. Farmer,2 J. Manuel Flores-Camacho,1 Alexander Genest,3 Ilya V. Yudanov,4 Notker Rösch,3 Charles T. Campbell,2 Swetlana Schauermann,1 and Hans-Joachim Freund1 1Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Faradayweg 4-6, 14195 Berlin, Germany 2Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington(More)
Locked nucleic acids (LNAs) exhibit a modified sugar fragment that is restrained to the C3'-endo conformation. LNA-containing duplexes are rather stable and have a more rigid structure than DNA duplexes, with a propensity for A-conformation of the double helix. To gain detailed insight into the local structure of LNA-modified DNA oligomers (as a foundation(More)
The six-valent uranyl and neptunyl complexes [An(VI)O2X4]n (An = U, Np; X = F, Cl, OH, n = -2; X = H2O, n = +2) have been studied within the framework of density functional theory. The relative stabilities of the cis and trans isomers, structural properties, charge distribution, and ligand binding energies have been determined using the modified(More)
For an extended set of density functionals (BP86, BLYP, B3LYP, B3PW91, PBE, PBE0, mPWPW, MPW1K, M06-L, M06, MPW3LYP, TPSS) we explored the key steps of four mechanisms of ethylene hydrosilylation (Glaser-Tilley, Chalk-Harrod, modified Chalk-Harrod, and σ-bond metathesis) by a Rh(I) catalyst, previously studied at the B3LYP level. The Chalk-Harrod and the(More)
Semi-local DFT approximations are well-known for their difficulty with describing the correct site preference for the adsorption of CO molecules on (111) surfaces of several late transition metals. To address this problem originating from a residual self-interaction in the CO LUMO, we present the DFT+Umol approach which generalizes the empirical DFT+U(More)