Noslén Hernández-González

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In this paper a new nonparametric functional method is introduced for predicting a scalar random variable Y from a functional random variable X. The resulting prediction has the form of a weighted average of the training data set, where the weights are determined by the conditional probability density of X given Y , which is assumed to be Gaussian. In this(More)
Conventional multivariate calibration methods have been developed in chemometrics, using linear regression techniques as principal component regression (PCR) and partial least squares (PLS). Nevertheless, nonlinear methods such as neural networks have been also introduced, and more recently support vector (SVR) based methods. This paper presents the(More)
This paper introduces an Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) method based on X Band Radar image processing. A software which implements this method was developed following four principal stages: digital image formation, image preprocessing, feature selection through a combination of C4.5 Decision Tree and PCA and classification using SVM. The automatic(More)
In this paper is presented a method for the automatic DNA spots classification and extraction of profiles associated in DNA polyacrilamide gel electrophoresis based on image processing. A software which implements this method was developed, composed by four modules: Digital image acquisition, image preprocessing, feature extraction and classification, and(More)
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